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The treasure chest is opened - start getting women. Start living the life!

I thought it would be a great idea to write about different on-line sources which have helped me with the girls topic. Mostly THIS forum has helped me a great deal and offered tons of info. I joined the forum a while ago actually and I’ve studied almost Every thing they have to provide there. I cannot recommend this forum enough. You can ask questions from there about your particular sticking points with ladies. It is not only how to get great with girls but you can discover so much much more about social dynamics as a whole from there.

An additional website that was of great help to me is Funny thing is that my buddy sent me a hyperlink with some article there but then I began reading much more and discovered a lot of good stuff there. It is fairly solid advice there if you ask me. The how to speak to ladies over the phone post was good. Actually you will find a lot of great ones, this was also good - how to get girls to like you when feeling sad. I like the idea of just being you and having fun and not utilizing some pre-written sentences to get girls to like you. As I am an enormous fan of improvisation then the lines and stuff don’t fit me that well.

And that is it. The best places I got probably the most information on women. I know everyone will not like these sites or companies but I like them.

Thank you for taking time to tune in.


Tomorrow is the first day of spring and I want to celebrate the end  of the snowiest winters of my life (hopefully!) with one of my favorite activities- organizing! Haha! I’m actually one of those people who enjoys cleaning because I feel so rejuvenated after, and I’ve found that one of the best types of cleaning can actually be cleaning up my planner. It helps me figure out what’s really important and make time for those things. Setting out a good schedule helps me reach my goals, make things that should be a priority (like fitness or sleep) an actual priority, and generally reduces stress because I have time for all the things I want to do. I hope these simple steps help you think about your weekly calendar in a new way and create a routine that works for you! :)

For more ways to stay motivated go here! :)

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